A Start-up Company of a Startup Industrial Sector ( Nano Tech Sector ), part of India's nano-mission.

We are a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates based Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons (DBA&SONS) group of companies (www.dbasons.com).

United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of United Motors & Heavy Equipment L.L.C., Dubai, located at Bangalore, the Startup Capital of India is one of the world's top graphene manufacturer with tonnage capability.

United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a joint missionary effort of United Motors & Heavy Equipment and Bottom-Up Technology Corporation ( BT-CORP) which is a pioneer in Graphene Manufacturing and its related application since last 8 years.

The Team

We have a strong team of well experienced Scientists, Application Engineers, and Technocrats from well-established business groups who could take the organization to the next phase


United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has customers across the world and has supported the research & the Industrial community with reference to various application development and Nano technology related problem resolution thereby creating a stream of various application technologies. United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has aggressive investment plans in the near future. We are even willing to set-up contract manufacturing facilities specific to the requirement of customers. Our customer base include from various prominent sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Paints and Coatings, Nano-Technology, Chemicals, Tyre, Defence, Polymer, Electronics, Water Purification, RFID Ink etc.

Our Product offerings:

  • Nano Material: We have expertise in manufacturing Graphene (UGRAY™), Multi-Walled Carbon Nano Tubes MWCNT (UCNT™), Graphene Oxide GO (UGOX™), Reduced Graphene Oxide RGO (URGOX™) and Graphene Ink ( Nano-ink) in bulk quantity with expertise of more than 8 years.
  • Master Batches : We create newer Nano-enriched materials specific to an application and supply the solution as master batches to fulfill complete customer requirements. We have developed a new material POLYUNATE™ which is a redefined Poly Carbonate and does not catch fire even at a higher temperature in comparison with neat polycarbonate and with many other desired material properties. It is an application focused blend of PC, Graphene and 23 Nano-Staablizers. POLYUNATE™ is a new invention which we are commercializing in a big way. We also produce master batches of Polypropylene and PET as required by the customers.
  • Nano-Dispersions : Currently for various applications, we create stable dispersions of desired strength. Our nano-dispersions include Graphene and Carbon nano tubes CNT Dispersions.
  • Customer Specific Materials : We are working on many customer specific projects, wherein we achieve the desired material properties , while we work on the currently available material (which might need properties enhancements through promising Nano technologies).
  • Nano-Inventions : We are creating new products which are solving very serious problems faced by the mankind thereby protecting human life.

We are the best example of "make in india's" program and UAE-Indo joint working program.

"India Graphene" is United Nanotech Innovations, Bangalore's Industrial Grade Graphene. Its being produced by an Indigenous Graphene Manufacturing technology that is chemical free and lowest cost process known to commercialized nanotechnology till date. Its available at a price which you have been thinking about it for quite sometime now. Write to us to know whether we meet your expectations or not. If you and your organization has the vision and the plan to use graphene in your materials but have always been concerned about the pricing ,and if you are reading this note already,  then well you have reached the right place. Do contact us at info@unitednanotech.com.

Graphene is now a commodity for us.

Recently for an order of Industrial Graphene @ 30 tonnes / month for a customer in Europe, we have offered. The application was for Graphene Super capacitors.