We at United Nanotech innovations ,India can provide Graphene nano-Polymer master-batches for our esteemed customer matching their requirements in bulk quantities. Our customers includes sectors like Textiles,polymer,oil and lubricants, etc.

We can the following graphene nano-Polymer masterbatches :

1] Graphene PU Masterbatches

2] Graphene PP masterbatches

3] Graphene PC masterbatches

4] Graphene PA6 masterbatches

5] Graphene PA66 Master-batches

6] HDPE nano-masterbatch

7] LDPE nano-masterbatch

8] PP nano-masterbatch

9] ABS nano-masterbatch

We also ensure good quality pigment and excellent bonding of our graphene and other nano-material with polymers.

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