Graphene , an allotrope of Carbon , is the only 2D structure material on this Earth.

Theoretically , Graphene properties are extraordinary, it is 200 times stronger than steel, 30 times conductive than copper, 6 % more transparent than Glass and 1/100th the weight of the paper.

Whatever I have said till now in this blog , itself makes Graphene, theoretically, a "wonder" Nanomaterial.

If this is true , then Graphene is the biggest revolution after the plastics invention.

Graphene has always existed as a material here for many hundreds of years, but more popular allotropes of carbon were graphite, diamond and coal.

In India , Graphene and Carbon Nano Tubes ( MWCNT )  were being used in steel that was being used to make ancient swords. the famous ancient steel was made in India and then exported to Middle East and Europe hundreds of years back. Such steel was converted into sword steel. Indians would remember about the famous Sword of Tipu Sultan and famous Iron Pillar at Delhi.

Such Steel were analyzed only recently and it was found to have carbon nano tubes ( CNT ). Now UNIPL has set its technology path in the direction of reviving that steel again.

We are hopeful of making that form of steel which existed on our earth earlier and was used to create weapons and structure like famous iron pillars of India. The scientist were always wondering why such Iron Pillars dont catch rust. now through nano-technology they go the answers.

We know what works and what does not. The first challenge was to let graphene survive at higher temperatures.We mastered that art.

Our customer voices were our best teachers. all such customers felts that graphene looses its properties at much lower temperatures. We worked on ways to let graphene stay and work at those temperatures and this was our first success.

We are working on Graphene steel and soon this would be a commercial reality. If your company is into steel manufacturing , forging , casting business, and you believe that you need your organization to experience "Orbit Shift Innovation" , feel free to write to us Click Here

What is happening in steel sector is quite interesting. There are global steel manufacturers who have serious nanotechnology plans to introduce Graphene into their manufacturing process,but they are facing a major problem of how to make graphene reactive and no evaporate at higher temperature.

They are also struggling to understand how to make graphene not behave like a normal carbon.

There is a major myth about graphene thats working against it. we understand this very well and know how to resolve this dilema.

Recently few institutes within India are asking us about the objective of our organisation.