Graphene is the first two dimensional material known to mankind.

United Nanotech Innovations, Bangalore, India is focussing quite aggressively in commercialising Graphene application and to create new Graphene products.

We clearly understand that

We always have Graphene stock of 1100 kg and similar high stocks for Multi-walled and Single walled CNT. You can buy graphene and CNT in bulk at the cheapest price.

The currently available products are :

1] Nano-Oil ( its a graphene plasticizer tyre/ tire  oil which when mixed in rubber compound improves its properties by min 20%, good for tyres, belts, hoses)

2] Anti Bio-Fouling Paint ( this paint when painted underneath a boat or a ship prevents the bio-fouling and corrosion which are two major problems of maritime , freight , Naval industry

3] Conductive Polymer ( this is useful for Mobile casings)

4] Water based Graphene dispersions

5] Nano-ink

6] EMI/EMC shield coating

7] Fire Proof Polymer Polyunate

8] Polymer master-batches

9] Carbon Nano fiber( CNF )

10] Multi-walled Carbon Nano-tubes

11] Graphene and CNT Cycle Frame

12] Graphene Steel ( This is the famous ancient steel from India , its technology world had lost 400 years back)

13] Anti-corrosive coating for metals

14] Smart fibre enabled Anti-infrared radiation suit for Defence

15] Technology for Zero-die mark in fabrication bending

16] Graphene enabled concrete

17] Graphene Enriched Drilling Fluids

18] Graphene enriched Furnace Oils

19] Hydrophobic Coatings

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We at UNIPL, Bangalore, karnataka, are the only bulk graphene manufacturer in India and one of the top 10 graphene manufacturers in the world. we are the key player in India's nano mission.

As you are already aware, The Government of India, in May 2007, had approved the initiation of a new Mission on Nano Science and Technology (Nano Mission) with an allocation of Rs. 1000 crore for a period of 5 years to improve on Indian position on commercialisation. In this mission, the Department of Science and Technology is the nodal agency for implementing the Nano Mission.

In December 2014, UNIPL had participated in 7th Bangalore India Nano 2015 under the Patronage of Bharat Ratna Prof Dr C N R Rao.

Prof Dr C N R Rao is the father of Nanotechnology in India who morally supports us by creating an eco-system for nanotechnology in India.

Our Industrial Graphene has been despatched to countries like USA, UK, Spain,Germany, Sweden, Turkey , Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan , Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, China, Korea, Indonesia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Iran , Egypt, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile and many more.

Our Best Graphene Price that we have recently quoted @ $25 / kg for 30 tonnes/month requirement for Graphene Super-capacitor project in Europe.

Our Sensor Graphene works quite well in Graphene Semiconductors.