UNIPL is currently working on developing EMI / EMC shielding through Graphene Polymer Nano Composites.

If your organization is also looking for EMI / EMC shielding through polymer nano composites replacing heavy metals , then we can help you please Click Here to reach us

We are already working on our proprietary technology for EMI / EMC shielding through Polymer nano composite based sandwiched material as compared to heavy metal skins since we already know that weight is a big issue for various strategic Sectors globally. This would get ready at our end in next 60 days.

Needless to say , the various EMI/EMC shielding research projects globally by various prestigious organizations through Polymers/carbon fibres have not yielded anything positive yet. While we are on the verge of the final solution, which we intend to commercialize by December 2015. Our current product is already under testing. We can develop and supply the same to you once we specifically understand your application requirement and your target EMI / EMC values and weight targets and lastly your business volumes.

If this interests you ,we shall forward you our  Know-Your-customer (KYC ) form.

Post your KYC form, we shall send you the Non-Disclosure (NDA) document.

Dated : 20 Oct 2015

Location: Bangalore,India