We at UNIPL know the art and science to mix Graphene with almost everything. Our Lab level Twin Screw Extruder is busy producing graphene masterbatches in pellet form in different shapes and sizes and for different purposes for our customers.

Our graphene masterbatches are proven to demonstrate considerable improvement in the the following:

1] Improved Mechanical properties like Higher Tensile Strength by min 20%

2] Improved Electrical conductivity so as to make a polymer very close to a Metal - proper binding

3] Improved Thermal properties

4] Improved dimensional stability

We are quite good in producing graphene masterbatches suiting to the requirement and we also explain the process of using them to our customer quite clearly. The amount of graphene required to produce such products is very less and is quite cost effective. we can supply even bulk quantities and that too at a very short notice as and when required.

The change is overdue!! Graphene Polymer nano composites have the total potential to bring next industrial revolution. UNIPL is now successfully reinforcing the base polymer/metallic building materials with nano materials to improve their various critical properties and make them more useful in ever increasing product applications and increasing world’s needs.

The world today needs the following :

1] lighter & stronger material to steel and aluminium

2] Conductive Graphene Polymers

3] fire proof Graphene polymers

4] EMI/EMC shielding through light and strong Graphene carbon Fibres

5] 100 % Permeability in graphene polymers

6] Anti-corrosive material

7] Hydrophobic material

8] Stronger building material than cement-concrete-steel

9] Heat resistant material to reduce transmission losses in power transmission cables

10] PET without oncophobic problems

11] and etc etc.

The graphene nano-materials act differently than the exiting bulk or conventional filler materials because it has active high surface area, diverse shape & size AND unique compatibility behaviour with the matrix.   The new class of multi-phase materials containing dispersion of nano-sized filler materials such as graphene nano-particles, graphene nano-clays, graphene nano-tubes, graphene nano-fibers etc. within the polymer matrices in balanced formulation environment is taking birth commercially and quite promising. Owing to the graphene nanomaterial`s nanoscale size features and very high surface-to-volume ratios, they possess unique combination of multi-functional properties not shared by their more conventional composite counterparts reinforced with micro-sized fillers. These multi-functional graphene nanocomposites not only exhibit excellent mechanical properties, but also display outstanding combination of optical, electrical, thermal, magnetic and other physico-chemical properties. It is believed that the molecular level interactions between the graphene nanoparticles and polymer matrices along with the presence of very high nanoparticle-polymer interfacial area play a major role in influencing the physical and mechanical properties of graphene nanocomposites. The innovative product line , a series of ready to use applications based products are developed by UNIPL[United Nanotech innovations] and we provide immense and immediate industrial applications.

UNIPL is leading nanotechnology mission at Bangalore commercially.