POLYUNATE is the most advanced Nano-composite formulation of polycarbonate developed through nano technology. This provides solutions for all the limitations of poly carbonate. It has much superior flame retardant capacity [UL94 V0 Grade]

The thermal properties of this Polymer nano-composite are improved, melting and dripping is considerably delayed, and rate of burning is extensively reduced. This product is miraculous and a life saver.

It is the ultimate solution to the reduction of fire risks in enclosed spaces in vehicles, submarines, aeroplanes, and ships.

Graphene reinforced light weight, halogen free, innovative polycarbonate is the best options for making the polymeric components of today’s aircrafts requiring much higher thermal stability, Superior impact strength, higher heat resistance, better electrical properties, much improved mechanical properties , delivering much better controlled shrinkage, demonstrating improved dimensional stability, improved flow, and better surface finish.