Nano Oil - new revolutionary product for Tyre ( Tire ) and conveyor belt manufacturers for improved mechanical properties by United Nanotech Innovations, Bangalore

UNIPL has released its new product , Nano Plasticizer oil for commercial trials in India. It is being tested by 3 tyre ( tire) manufacturers and 2 conveyor belt manufacturers. Its our first commercialized Nano Product. Our team is excited about its success.

We are glad to announce that currently trials in one tyre manufacturer in India has shown positive results in Rheological tests.We shall update the tensile strength improvement & Abrasive resistance improvement results soon.

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Nano-oil can be considered the simplest way of introducing Nano-material into the rubber compound, which results in better mixing and results as compared to other additives.

  • Exfoliation is essentially required parameter which cannot be obtained by direct powder incorporation during compounding
  • Nano-oil[with further improvement] should be used to :

1. To avoid the complexity of exfoliation & treatment before compounding

2. For better dispersion of graphene in matrix

3. Ready to use oil with nanofiller

Nano oil is commercially available in bulk for Indian Tyre Manufacturers - OE and Replacement. We have also created a separate grade of nano-oil for conveyor belt and Rubber hose manufacturers, in small quantities and upto 18KL tankers.

We can also supply to Global Tyre manufacturers anywhere in the world. Our process is configuring the nano-oil for each customer is very simple and easy.

Post signing of mutual NDA agreement , we ask our customers to fill a Know-your-customer ( KYC ) form through which we determine the recipe details of the particular application, the desired properties , % improvement desired, in order of the priority.

We mutually sign off the agreed specifications and based on which we create a customized nano-oil  sample , which we send to the customer. Once the desired properties are achieved , based on the quantities required in bulk, we configure the supply chain for the specific customer.