The Nano Digest Magazine Article Publication About UNITED NANOTECH INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD.


United Nanotech Innovations Pvt Ltd (UNIPL), part of the major UAE based The Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Group founded 50 years ago, started in July 2014 at Bangalore. UNIPL has been set up with a dream to be one of the largest graphene manufacturing and applications company in the world.

Interestingly, since its inception, it has already become one of the top Graphene manufacturing companies of the world with a capacity to produce Kilo-Tonne.

The Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Group has established itself as one of the leading business organisations in the UAE, now employing over 11,000 people, active in over 80 countries worldwide, with offices in Australia, New Zeal & South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and India, to name but a few.

UNIPL in Bangalore:

Keeping in tune with the principles set by the parent company UNIPL was formed as a joint missionary effort of Indian Arm of Darwish Group named United Motors led by its Chief Executive Officer, Rajnish Sharma and one of the world’s most renowned scientist, “the founder of Bottom-Up Technology Corporation (BT-CORPs), the most innovative organisation in the arena of graphene manufacturing and its related application since last eight years.”

UNIPL’s co-founder and the technocrat was producing graphene much before the world recognised its potential at Manchester. Elaborating on the company’s plan, Rajnish mentioned, “The company has aggressive investment plans in near future. It is willing to set-up contract manufacturing facilities specific to its customer requirements and many new plants are currently on anvil.”

To start with Rajnish and his collaborator have planned to set up the first ever graphene Park in India at Bangalore with tonnes/batch capacity. Simultaneously, the unit plans to come up with customer specific nano composites, nano-dispersions.

UNIPL is well aware about the huge interests about graphene throughout the world. Lot many research organisations and professionals, nanotechnologists are working globally to create newer products which can benefit the mankind. UNIPL has observed that they face difficulty in commercialising the technology. This is where we have a major role to play,” observed UNIPL’s Executive Director & CEO Rajnish Sharma.

Future of UNIPL:

Having come to know about the organisation and its manufacturing capability, UNIPL is are being contacted by many global MNCs who want to achieve breakthrough innovation in their product lines and achieve “first mover” as well as “leap frog” advantage in their industry sectors.

As Rajnish Sharma puts it, “Innovation would make this world survive its current global challenges of poverty, health, safety, water, food, housing, infrastructure, transport, employment and make lives of global citizens better.”

UNIPL’s customers are spread over the six continents and are from various prominent sectors like aerospace, automotive, paints & coatings, nanotechnology, chemicals, tyre, defence, bio medicals, polymer, electronics, water purification, RFID Ink, etc.

The Team:

The 30-member “Nano-spirited Team” comprises of experienced scientists, managers, application engineers, technocrats who have worked with well established business groups, and with diverse backgrounds like defence, R&D labs, etc.

Currently UNIPL produces UGRAY Graphene @ 20 kg/day and UCNT Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes @ 5kg /day, producing more than 26 variants of these two core nanomaterials. Besides this, UNIPL also focuses to make use of other nanomaterials to unlock unlimited number of applications for various industry sectors.

Adding on the production facility, Rajnish said, “UNIPL has integrated sophisticated production and testing facilities which deliver quality nanomaterial and provide quicker access to see its potential, through its nano-characterisation facilities.”

UNIPL’s Product offerings:

  • Nanomaterial: Graphene, Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT), Graphene Oxide (GO) as a nanomaterial.
  • Master Batches: UNIPL creates newer Nano-enriched materials specific to an application and supply the solution as master batches to fulfil complete customer requirements.
  • Nano-Dispersions: Currently for various applications, for example for Thermosets, UNIPL creates stable dispersions of desired strength.
  • Customer Specific Materials: UNIPL is working on many customer specific projects, wherein the desired material properties are achieved, while the currently available material might need properties enhancements through promising nanotechnologies
  • Nano-Inventions: UNIPL is creating new products which are solving very serious problems faced by the mankind and protecting human life.

Road Ahead:

Currently UNIPL has over two dozen nanotechnologies ready for commercialisation, the patent applications of which have been applied in various patent office including IPO, USPO, WIPO and EPO. Most of these patents are based on UNIPL’s process for nano-composite development.

Interestingly UNIPL has its own proprietary customised equipment and processes which are unique to produce nanomaterial and nano-enabled nano-composites at commercially viable prices. “UNIPL’s brands like POLYUNATE, UGRAY shall be very popular commodities globally. We have about six numbers of domestic and international sponsored projects from various government / semi government and public institutions. Our mission is to improve India’s position globally in the field of nanotechnology,” commented Rajnish Sharma.

UNIPL’s Chief Technocrat, says “The Scientist is a global asset & the entire knowledge needs to be utilized for the benefit of the humanity & the global society at large. “

UNIPL aims to solve many perennial global problems like:

  • Water scarcity resolution through advanced ocean water de-salination and purification.
  • Protection from Gama radiation –saving the life of our Nuclear scientists.
  • Polyunate: Redefined Poly Carbonate, Safer air travel through inventing fire-retardant and acid as well as heat resistant reinforced epoxy nanocomposites.
  • Nano-Steel: We have plans to lighten the steel structures across all sectors.
  • Nano-Bottles: Extending the life of medical products even when saved in PET bottles
  • Improving life of tyres by 30 per cent.
  • Nano Paint and coatings ( GS14 compliant )

UNIPL Inventions:

  • Since July 2014, the anti Infra-red (IR) radiation military vest is already on its path of commercialisation. This vest will protect the life of soldiers during warfare.
  • Since August 2014, for Pharma and diagnostics giant, UNIPL’s material was successfully integrated to develop biosensors and make it available in the market.
  • Since September 2014, for a world renowned aerospace company, working on a commercial airliner project, UNIPL has developed a PC based nano-composite POLYUNATE which was reinforced multiple times to achieve high degree of fire resistance , improved gloss, appearance properties.
  • Already UNIPL’s nano-enriched RFID inks are fully developed and ready for market launch in next two months.