Graphene blended Nano-Tyres for Automotive and Off-highway are 20% better than current tyres

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Graphene enriched nano-material blend is a new innovation created by UNIPL, Bangalore, India specially for the rubber sectors and predominantly for Global Tire Industry.

It has been achieved through minimum 20% improvement in the mechanical properties of the rubber compound with due blending of our graphene led nano-materials;

1] Higher heat dissipation rate of the rubber compound

2] Higher tensile strength of the tyre

3] Improvement in the abrasive resistance

4] Improvement in the wear and the tear

5] Improvement in overall life of the resultant nano tyre

In our solution for the global tyre industry , we are recommending that our Graphene based unique nano-material blend shall reinforce the carbon black and not just it.

Our team has the unique knowledge of how to tweak the various nano-materials and other critical ingredients of the recipe so as to achieve the desired properties.

We also are helping the various Tyre manufacturers within India to incorporate our nano material into their recipe.

By addition of treated graphene nano materials into tyre rubbers, comprehensive performance of the resulting recipe achieved a minimum 20% increase in mechanical properties compared to conventional rubber formulation. Specifically there was a 35% improvement in abrasive resistance by the addition of very minute quantity of graphene under specific conditions.

The Nano tire becomes harder and more robust through the same process just by addition of very small quantity of graphene .

The other benefit include the following:

1] The curing time of the tyre compound was reduced

2] The method of graphene mixing in the tyre rubber compound has been optimized by us. We help all our clients in understanding and achieving the results.

3] The resultant tyre material is less elastic , mechanicallly stronger and more robust.

4] The tyre volume loss shows improvement due to improved abrasive resistance.