Paints & Coating

Nano Paints & Coating

Paints are a form of coatings that are applied to various surfaces to prevent them from external environment and increase the life of the coated surface.

  • The most important function of a paint is to protect the surface and in doing so paint by itself degrades over a particular duration of time, but by using Carbon nanotubes and graphene we can greatly increase the life time of a paint.
  • Secondly oxygen is the most dangerous enemy of many metallic surfaces. Oxygen oxidizes most of the metals and corrodes it which ultimately decreases the quality and properties of the metal. By using Graphene coating on metal we can greatly reduce the arrival of oxygen to the metal surface.
  • Paints are designed to block UV radiation. Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene are the best candidates to impart UV blocking characteristics. These nano material are good at absorbing UV radiations.
  • Paints are affected by the dirt and in successive interaction of dirt with paint coating, paint becomes too spotty and filthy. By addition of nanomaterial paints can self-clean themselves in presence of sunlight.
  • In automobile application scratch resistant paint can be made which can self-heal itself. These paints also prevent scratches due to the hardness imparted to them by Carbon nanotubes and graphene.
  • In stealth technology, Nanotechnology plays a vital role. By coating an object with nanopaint we can make the object invisible to radar and other surveillance devices.
  • In marine technology algae and other water plant degrades the part of body in contact with water but by using carbon nanotubes and graphene these plants can no longer affect the body of ship and other marine vehicles.
  • Water can create a lot of problems to some electronic devices and other products. With the help of Nanotechnology we can build a super hydrophobic coating that repels water and keeps the object almost ultra-dry.
  • Although making paints to covert solar power to electric power is difficult to design but some decent efforts can pave the way for inbuilt solar cells in paints.

UNIPL has developed currently 3 new ready to use Products in the paints and Coating category:

1] Anti bio Fouling paint

2] EMI/EMC Shield Coating

3] Anti-corrosive coating