Globally Cheapest Graphene Producer India

World's Cheapest Graphene manufacturer in two grades Industrial Grade Graphene and Research Grade Graphene the Only Tonnage Capacity Producer in India.

United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd is Best Quality and BULK Graphene Manufacturer, Producer & Supplier from Bangalore, India at Best Price

United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India makes UGRAY Graphene, Graphene Oxide , Carbon Nanotubes in bulk in tonnes in India now. We make it for industry and researcher both for an ever increasing applications like Polymers, Tires, Steel , Tools , drill mud , mobiles, Cotton fabric, Aerospace Secondary structures, reducing Nuclear Radioactivity damages, water purification, RFID, Armoring, Smart Textiles, smart-asbestos free brakes, Graphene batteries , Solid Lubricants, conductive polymers, desalination, smart-glass. If you need any support in any of these applications or want commercially viable Graphene and MWCNT for your industry or institute in bulk.

United Nanotech has speeded up its commercialisation program in many countries as follows:

1] USA : India and America have a major role to play in implementing climate change initiatives as per COP21. UNIPL is currently working on commercial project to radically reduce Carbon Black

2] Australia : We are opening up an Office at Adelaide, Australia. Our Partners are currently tieing up with leading Research Institutions and promising Nano-technology Organization to speedup Graphene applications commercialization in Australia.

3] Canada : We are working with a leading organization to create new nano technologies to improve the housing for Canada based First Communities. This shall change the way , the houses shall be constructed in future. Our Graphene Wood Polymer Composite shall be load-bearing , which shall prevent the need for wood in housing. We are also bringing our unbreakable Polycarbonate sheets

4] Russia :We are working with the esteemed scientists on a prestigious project of recreating Damascus Steel based on Wootz.

5] Korea : we are working on a rapid commericialisation project with one of our technology partner for designing andmanufacturing graphene based drug delivery condoms.

6] Malaysia : We are working with leading Nano-Technology Organization at Kuala Lumpur in the following areas ;- a] Nano Polymers b] Oils c] Graphene Oxide -Drilling Fluids d] Water desalination e] Nano Dispersions & Conductive Graphene-ink.

7] Taiwan : we are working with Taiwanese company to create nano color masterbatches to change the color using nano material thereby avoiding the use of carbon and pigment for the stated prupose. It also improves the mechanical properties of the recipe.

8] UK : We are working with a UK based polymer manufacturing company to create new Nano-Polymers. We are providing Graphene & CNT based Polymer Master-batches for HDPE , LDPE , Poly Propylene (PP), Polycarbonate (PC) . Our Masterbatches available at a very cost effective rate , when mixed in virgin polymers and even in recycled polymers result in >20 percent improvement in mechanical properties. This would certainly reduce the use of polymers , save costs , and protect the environment. we have already started supplying such material for trials to many of clients within India and abroad.

9] UAE: We are working with a UAE based civil construction company on a Graphene Oxide based nano concrete project

10] Turkey : We are providing conductive polymer ( Ready to Use ) and even Polymer masterbatches for improvement in mechanical properties of the base polymer.

11] Sweden: We are working on a super hydrophobic coating project for a automotive component manufacturer.

12] Singapore: We are working on a graphene based flexible concrete application for building construction project.

13] Japan: We have opened up an office at Osaka in japan. All Japanese companies can contact for buying Industrial Graphene in bulk at alok Pandey [].